Current Projects


To date, I've written two books.

The first, Freedom to Love, is an inspirational/self-help booklet that addresses the Church's teachings on chastity. It explains the rationale behind pure dating relationships, and is written in a young voice geared toward other young adults. It offers a personal testimony in addition to objective facts and guidance on how to approach dating and purity, exploring topics such as dating to fill a void, understanding authentic love, knowing when to walk away from a relationship, and beginning the process of healing after a break-up. This book is an extension of several articles I've written for Jason Evert's website, The Chastity Project, through which I've received thousands of responses from other Catholic young adults seeking further guidance and direction (see below).

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My second book, which is also my first complete novel, is entitled Closure. I am currently seeking representation for this book. Closure is written in poignant vignettes that reflect back on the protagonist, Morgan's, former relationship with her first love, Wade. Morgan's account of their relationship chronicles the adventures that she and Wade shared in Philadelphia, and revisits the passionate emotions she felt for him that have made it difficult for Morgan to move on. Closure is a story about what it means to love at the expense of oneself, and about being caught between two identities: the person Morgan is with Wade, and the person she longs to be.

Years after their relationship ends, Morgan revisits the city where the storybook setting of her romance unfolded, and learns that closure can come in unexpected forms. In fact, destiny sometimes lends itself to the most perfect goodbyes between two people who really loved each other.


I am an active blogger for The Chastity Project, a ministry started by Jason and Crystalina Evert, which promotes purity in dating relationships to young people all around the world. You can find my articles below: